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We, at L. MEYERF PHARMA, believe that our PRIMARY responsibility
is to SAVE  the patient’s life, and help improve the
health conditions and quality of life of the community.

In consonance with this noble obsession, L. MEYERF PHARMA, INC.
dedicates all its resources to provide the market
with SAFE and EFFECTIVE medicines to ensure that the patients will
attain a healthy mind and body, at reasonable prices.


In the day to day conduct of its business,
the company has a mission of being:

1. A good, law-abiding corporate citizen, complying with all existing governmental laws and regulations, as well as with all established standards and procedure with regards to product safety and effectiveness.

2. A fair and just employer, recognizing and rewarding each employee for services rendered and ensuring a healthy working environment whereby its employees can bring out their God-given talents.

3. A revenue-driven enterprise, which derives its income from products which safely and effectively address consumers’ wants and needs; and

4. A fair and honest competitor which believes and practices above board business dealings and which welcomes competition as a way of further improving existing products and developing new ones.




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